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2011 BCS Championship: The Whining From Non-SEC Fans Ridiculous

"Fans" whining about the BCS Championship game contenders are losers. (via <a href="">antigallery</a>)
"Fans" whining about the BCS Championship game contenders are losers. (via antigallery)

Sports Illustrated had this article today containing all sorts of petulant whines from alleged college football fans, universally from other conferences, who are unhappy with the the rematch between the LSU Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide tonight to determine the 2012 BCS champion.

This is the first example:

You and all the other talking/writing heads in the land can come up with any reason you want for us to watch the big BCS game on the 9th. I assure you I won't be watching. Hopefully, legions of fans follow suit.

-- E-mail from John Hauge in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.

All I can say about this John Hauge person is that he and his ilk are utterly pathetic. Don't watch, who cares? But please, just shut up with your miserable whine. Nobody likes a loser who can't stand to see winners win.

No matter what you think about the matchup, the BCS was explicitly designed to make sure the top two teams in college football every year meet for the BCS championship, whether or not they win their division or conference. Many people think that system is flawed, and I agree with them, but the fact remains that this is the setup. Watch, don't watch, I don't care, but the right two teams are playing, and about that I am utterly certain.

Of course, others may disagree, and that's fine, but that disagreement no longer has meaning. It is done, and cannot be undone. Get over it. Millions of college football fans will watch the game to see two outstanding teams play, and a few sourpuss whiners will boycott the game because they don't like to see two teams that actually take defense seriously grind it out.

To the whiners, may the proverbial male camel drag his dangly bits through your collective morning coffees, and may it taste as sour as your dispositions. For the rest of us, this should be a treat.