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Big Blue Nation Linkapalooza: LSU Aftermath Edition

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There has been some hue and cry for Trent Johnson, coach of the LSU Tigers, to take further action against Malcolm White for his take-down of Anthony Davis over the weekend, and it seems that wish will be granted, at least to some extent. But probably not enough for some.

Read the links for that story, and more:

LSU coach says flagrant foul on Davis "was just a stupid play" by his player // vaughtsviews

"I am not going to disclose that with everybody. I will deal with that," the LSU coach said. "This game is meant to be played a certain way. I told Malcolm that was very distrubing to be. I will deal with it in-house, but I am not going to make it a big thing (publicly)." [SIC]

For at least a few Kentucky fans, that probably won't be enough.

Tom's Take: Katz on the Cats // Tom Leach

Who would get your vote today for SEC Player of the Year? We put that question to ESPN ace college basketball reporter Andy Katz on today's "Leach Report" radio show and he said he would lean to Anthony Davis over Miss State's Arnett Moultrie.

What do you think?

NCAA Division I governance to be examined //

Baby steps. Governance is a start.

Those looking to see athletes get paid, though, are kidding only themselves.

Hat tip: Senator Blutarsky.

UK women hang on to beat Alabama 82-68 //

Matthew Mitchell less than pleased.

"I didn't feel like we defended up to a Kentucky level today," the coach said of his team, which won its seventh straight over the Crimson Tide. "They saw that we weren't going to stay in front of the ball and we weren't going to rotate over. You can't make a lot happen when you just let people dribble by you in the middle of the floor and go lay the ball up."

For more, see Greg's postmortem.

Big Recruiting Weekend for Kentucky Football // Wildcat Blue Nation

Kentucky football's recruiting class in focus ahead of signing day //

As of Saturday afternoon, recruiting Web site rated Kentucky's recruiting class as the 34th-best in the country, but the Wildcats trailed every Southeastern Conference team other than Missouri and Mississippi. rated Louisville's class No. 29 and Western Kentucky's No. 115.

34th in the country is still way below most of the SEC.

UK basketball notebook: C.M. Newton urges 'fannies in the seats' for SEC //

Is it irony to note that it takes only a glance at a televised game to see empty seats? Not at Kentucky, of course. But some SEC venues look practically empty, though the league's TV partners keep their cameras trained on the floor and, heaven forbid, seldom mention sparce attendance. [SIC]

You know, it is a shame. I really don't understand why SEC teams don't support their basketball programs more. Tennessee does a decent job most years, and Vandy also, but football hotbeds like LSU, Alabama and Georgia have regrettable fan support for basketball.

It's a point of pride for me that Kentucky, despite being a basketball school, comes out in support of the football team even when they aren't very good.

Mike Vaccaro: Decisions like former Rutgers coach Greg Schiano’s made to go to Tampa Bay Buccaneers often have more reasons than just money //

You think you know why coaches leave college for the NBA, but you probably don't.

Very interesting read.

This is what No. 1 looks like // The Big Bluegrass Blog

One fluke shot from being undefeated, UK showed its stuff against LSU Saturday, taking repeated hits in the mouth and still coming back. They poured in shots and when the lead was 10 and they made it 15. At 15 they made it 20. They put this game away and they looked good doing it.

Is the LSU game what #1 looks like? I think so. What about you?

Two UK targets commit elsewhere, IU loses one // Jody Demling – Recruiting

Kentucky had two targets commit elsewhere on Sunday.

Kentucky Sports Radio // Yahoo! tells Willie Cauley’s story

We’ve mentioned Willie Cauley’s relationship with former Kansas City Chief Will Shields before, but in case you missed it, Yahoo! Sports told the story all over again its ‘The Post Game’ blog.

Basketball Prospectus // Take and Make

In basketball there are few plays as exciting as the fast-break bucket generated after a steal. When a player picks off a ball and takes it the other way for a lay-up or dunk, fans go wild. These plays are often harbingers of a momentum shift. Teams will use such entertaining plays to end the run of an opposing team or to jumpstart a run of their own. At the very least, the squad on the receiving end of these actions will often burn a timeout to temporarily quell the crowd noise.

Devonta Pollard could fit well in Kentucky’s recruiting class that already includes Poythress // vaughtsviews

Pollard can drive or shoot with range and his defensive abilities include terrific shot blocking because of his length and timing.

Former Tennessee commit looking at UK // Jody Demling – Recruiting

Former University of Tennessee commitment Khalid Henderson has narrowed his list to a pair of schools and could make a decision at some point today.

Kentucky’s RPI being hurt by strength of schedule // John Clay's Sidelines

The Cats are just fifth in the RPI, behind Syracuse, Duke, Baylor and Michigan State. Yet at 21-1, the Cats have a better record than all of those teams, with the exception of Syracuse. And the Orange took its one loss just over a week ago, where Kentucky hasn’t lost since Dec. 10.

28 athletes implicated in doping scandal with doctor conducting blood transfusions // FOX Sports on MSN

Don't condemn kids like UConn's Boatright for others' selfishness // Gregg Doyel, CBS Sports

And because of the mother and her hand in the cookie jar -- and the car dealership and the travel agency, if the NCAA is to be believed -- people are outraged. They're outraged that Ryan Boatright's mom milked her son for cash and a car, yet her son will be allowed to resume his amateur career at UConn.

Me, I'm outraged too.

At the mom.

Exactly right.

Adults have a very bad habit of doing things that aren't in the best interests of their children, and in the NCAA context, that can have disastrous consequences.

I'm glad to see the NCAA identified the fact that Boatright was a victim of his own mother's greed or naivete, whichever you prefer, and some others who should have, and probably did know what they were doing could get Boatright in trouble.

Rival fans will never accept that a player didn't know about his parent's illicit dealings, but I'm inclined to believe it. Even as I grew up in a good family there were things related to me that my parents did not disclose while I was in high school.

Is it so hard to imagine that would happen with other children?

The Renardo Sidney era at Miss State ends after this season // Beyond the Arc

The often troublesome forward will leave the Bulldogs after this season, according to Zagsblog. He could transfer (unlikely given how miserable he’s made Rick Stansbury), but he’ll likely seek to begin his professional career somewhere. The NBA is a longshot. Perhaps the D-League or overseas.

Weekly Bracketology: 01.30.12 // Rush The Court

North Carolina a 2 seed? What do you think?