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Big Blue Nation Linkapalooza: LSU Tigers Edition

Tomorrow, the Kentucky Wildcats take on the LSU Tigers tomorrow in Baton Rouge. The Deaf Dome should be rocking, and Pete Maravich will no doubt be tuning in from his Heavenly hang-out.

Your links:

Video: Cal, players preview road game at LSU //

Pretty powerful and equally hilarious media opportunity with John Calipari on Friday. What started off as a preview of the LSU game eventually turned into Coach Cal talking about receiving letters from dogs and accountants, which I talked a little bit about on Friday in the first SEC Insider feature.

Men's Basketball to Host No. 1 Kentucky // The Official Web Site of LSU Tigers Athletics

LSU, meanwhile, was concluding one of its most difficult January road schedules, having to make two back-to-back road trips with three of the teams nationally ranked. Wednesday night, LSU lost a 76-71 decision at Mississippi State

LSU's road schedule has been very unfriendly early..

Calipari playing mind games at practice // RapidReports

Coach John Calipari said he introduced new wrinkles to the offense in practice to make his players think. "You get used to coming to practice and just going through the [motions]," Calipari said. "Now all of a sudden, what? Something new? I kind of spiced it up."

Calipari will be rooting for Hickey, but not Saturday // RapidReports

Coach John Calipari on whether LSU G Anthony Hickey, a Kentucky native not recruited by Calipari, will play with extra motivation: "Sure. And he should. He’s going to go out and prove himself. Other than this game, I hope he plays great. I want Kentucky kids to do well, just not against us."

Kentucky recruiting looks good for 2013 has updated its top 100 2013 prospects list. Isaiah Hicks, a 6-8 forward from Raleigh (N.C.) Body of Christ is listed at No. 9 and is committed to North Carolina.

The nine other players in the top 10 all have Kentucky on their recruiting list.

It would be nice if we got the best of all that. And we just might.

Teague back to simply playing the game // Kentucky Wildcats

For the first time in his basketball career, [Marquis Teague] was playing the game as he always had and it simply wasn't working. John Calipari was telling him he needed to play in a radically different way and Teague was caught in game of tug of war with himself.

It's pretty clear Teague is having more trouble adjusting to the competition more than any Calipari point in recent history. But I think he's getting it ...

Special Convergence of College Sports Calendar Starts With LSU-Kentucky

If the Wildcats aren't in the Crescent City nine weeks from now, I'd be shocked. Unlike football, where "every game counts" (or so they say), Saturday's result won't have a significant impact on the quest for John Calipari's club to reach the Final Four. But it is a reminder of some past classic matchups between the Wildcats and the Tigers.

Hope you're right. I'm not quite so sanguine.

The Lesser Side of College Sports // Upon Further Review

Recently, one of the readers brought to my attention the fact that there are more college sports than just basketball and football. Who knew?

Indeed. Some minor sports from a lot of schools, including Kentucky, get mentioned in here.

Where are they now: Former football standout Marlon McCree transitions from player to coach // Kentucky Wildcats

Even during his college career at Kentucky, Marlon McCree heard the doubters.

Want to know where Marlon McCree is now? Read the whole thing.

What I know, what I think I know and what I don't know // ESPN

4. Read "The Last Great Game."

Even if you hate Duke, even if you're a Kentuckian who still can't bear to watch the replays of Christian Laettner's shot, Gene Wojciechowski's book is terrific.

It is. Trust me. Take this advice.

Also, news flash: Lefty Drissell is a prick. He is a prick in Wojciechowski's, book, and he is a prick in Dana O'Neil's article. A twofer.

Calipari happiest about Teague’s defense and rebounding // vaughtsviews

No he's not. I am. :-)

Video: The Big East at its worst since it expanded to 16 teams // Beyond the Arc

What happened to UConn and Louisville (not to mention Pitt)? Are Seton Hall and Cincinnati for real? And are Georgetown and Marquette really the best teams after ‘Cuse?

Heh. I liked reading this, after hearing the Big East members (like you-know-who) tout themselves over and over again.

Kentucky Sports Radio // Shabazz talks Cats, Coach K

Fab Melo Update: There Is None // Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician

ESPN reported earlier today that, "according to a Syracuse spokesman, coach Jim Boeheim said Thursday night that Melo's situation is taking longer to resolve than anticipated." That's not actually reporting, that's just making a seperate SU representative "comment" on what Boeheim has already said and then making it sound like it's some kind of update from that representative.

When I see this, I immediately think that there is a problem with a test score. I hope I'm wrong.

Current Clemson Commit Pulls A Brilliant Move On Twitter - Just Another Reason To Laugh At The ACC // Saturday Down South

Well, he's talking the talk ...

Tony Wroten Is A Hell Of A Drug //

I have one word for this...Filthy!

Derrick Rose Is Not Happy With The Indiana Pacers //

Now here's a guy who can do more than talk the talk.