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Big Blue Nation Linkapalooza: Hyper Elite Platinum Edition

Well, today the new Nike Hyper Elite Platinum uniforms were unveiled. Reaction has been decidedly mixed.

Now, for the links:

Calipari: To want more you have to ask for more //

"You could tell I wasn’t happy with some stuff," Calipari said. "And I wasn’t happy because, again, we weren’t talking. They got layups because we had two guys come together and didn’t speak to each other. ‘Well, I thought he was going to stay and … ‘Come on, man, just talk. Just say, ‘I got him. You got him. Help me.’ Again, we’re into our own thing right now and you’re can’t be a special team and be that way."

Kentucky Wildcats 57, Georgia Bulldogs 44: The Instantaneous Ill-Informed Roundball Wrapup // Dawg Sports

This game was as frustrating as the loss to Ole Miss, but for an entirely different reason. The Hoop Dogs proved at the beginning of the night that they are capable of playing with (quite literally) the best team in the land, but they were unable to hold on despite solid efforts from Djurisic (10 points, 5 rebounds), Robinson (6 points, 5 rebounds, 3 steals, 3 assists), and Dustin Ware (12 points, 2 steals).

The ACC and SEC Blog: Will Kentucky Transfer Stacey Poole Help Get Georgia Tech Back On Track?

A Q&A I had about Stacey Poole Jr.

Iras Weekly Column

By the way hope your enjoying this stellar season that Coach Cal and his youthful felines are giving us because it's flying by, are you aware it is only six weeks from selection Sunday which basically kicks off March Madness and the road to the Super Dome in New Orleans.

How true.

College Basketball's Look-alikes featuring Darius Johnson-Odom and Kanye West, Dion Waiters and Kevin Hart

Anthony Davis is Sam the Eagle -- in more ways than one.

Purdue's NCAA hopes are in trouble //

‘Crotch grab’ led to Badger official’s post-Rose Bowl resignation // CollegeFootballTalk

What next?

Kentucky Coach John Calipari: ‘We could be really special, and we are not right now.’ // The Washington Post

After beating Georgia, 57-44, on Tuesday, here is what Calipari had to say: "We are just into our own thing right now, and you can’t be a special team and be that way. The biggest thing is let’s step this thing up. Last year’s team, I could not believe we were as good as we were so I did not have to say a whole lot. This year’s team, we could be really special and we are not right now."

I think he's absolutely right, and I have been preaching this. I think we are starting to make moves in the right direction, though.

Kentucky Sports Radio // Why You Shouldn’t Complain About The New Platinum Look

Dear Drew:

I hate them. Now kiss off and quit telling me I'm old. I already know that.

Everyone over 35.

Calipari: Recruits know if Kentucky is right spot for them or not // vaughtsviews

"Normally they’ll let you know. They’ll say I am not interested," Calipari said when asked how he determines if a player can handle the spotlight and pressure at Kentucky. "I’ve had kids that I’ve really wanted and kids that I wasn’t sure of but that kid convinced me that he could do this and the other kid was shaky even though I thought he was right. But the kids know. In most cases, they don’t want to put themselves in positions of being exposed and they won’t come.

Kentucky Sports Radio // Solomon Poole is a problem

I am not surprised, considering the actions of Stacey's father. Not in the least. Yes, I'm blaming parenting, and no, I don't know anything about the facts, so if that bothers you, take it with a grain of salt and move on.

Stats 101: Why You Should Ditch Rebounding Margin // Notes from the Sports Nerds

@tsnmike: @heymarnold If a team has a good rebound margin, it’s a good rebounding team. If that’s something that matters to you. Many win w/out it.

Could he be right?

No, he can't be. And he isn't. John Gasaway at Basketball Prospectus has been preaching this for years, yet we still have hard-headed holdouts who won't get rid of their Ford Pinto or their rebound margin.

Kentucky’s Youth and Inexperience: Does It Matter? // Rush The Court

In analyzing Kentucky, who is their Kemba Walker? Is it Darius Miller? Terrence Jones? Anthony Davis? Michael Kidd-Gilchrist? The answer is, they don’t have one, nor do they necessarily need one. With six players averaging in double figures — Calipari only goes about seven deep — there is never a need for one player to bail the rest out. If there was one thing we learned from last night’s game against Georgia, other than the fact that Kentucky responded nicely after having been ranked #1 by grinding out a win, it is that a zone defense can effectively limit the touches that Davis and Jones receive inside.

This, plus the glacial pace that Georgia played at, was largely responsible for the low score.

SEC Hoops Power Poll Results: 1/22-1/28 // Garnet And Black Attack