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Wearing Kentucky Colors at the University of Louisville Might Get You "Unwanted Attention"

Say what? (via <a href="">emilong</a>)
Say what? (via emilong)

I find this just strange. Look, I totally get school spirit, and I think it's a good thing. But I have never in my life understood the need of some people to accost rival fans wearing their school colors in enemy territory. It's happened to me several times just by virtue of the fact I live in Louisville, as if wearing UK colors somehow gives Louisville fans carte blanche to try to embarrass or annoy me.

Remember the whole debacle with Indiana at the game in Bloomington earlier this year? This is just the sort of juvenile thinking that leads to incidents like that. It is a claim of powerlessness to prevent "unwanted attention, " which look to me like weasel words for misbehavior, which can lead to unfortunate and dangerous situations. Instead of reminding Louisville students to do their school proud and treat rival fans with decorum and respect, this notice appears to suggest that is impossible, or undesirable.

So what does this say about the adults at this school, if these notices appeared with their consent or approval? At what point is enough enough? We have seen out-of-control school spirit and rival-loathing lead to all sorts of unethical and even criminal behavior. I don't think schools should be acting as if they cannot control their students. I do think whoever is responsible for this, if it's someone in authority and not just some kind of sick prank by a UK fan trying to make Louisville look bad, should rethink it.