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Big Blue Nation Linkapalooza: Thursday Edition

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Has Marquis Teague turned the corner?
Has Marquis Teague turned the corner?

Today is just another manic Thursday around the Bluegrass. Kentucky is getting ready for their next SEC opponent, Kevin Stallings is whining again, and the "Blarge" is discovered in the CAA rulebook, (combination of "block" and "charge").

As an aside, the "blarge" is more properly called a simultaneous personal foul, or a double foul by the official NCAA rulebook:

Rule 4 Section 29 Article 2(d) - Double personal foul. A double personal foul occurs when two opponents commit personal fouls against each other at approximately the same time.


Today's news:

Along Came Jones // Tom Leach

At Auburn, TJ got his offense going after he made a couple of steals. Against Arkansas, he was fierce in attacking the boards from the outset and the offense eventually came. Now, things are starting to click.

I think this is right.

Teague Time // Tom Leach

Teague was a pass-first point guard from start to finish and that hasn't been the case to this point. He was magnificent in setting up teammates and in recognizing how to control the tempo like great point guards do. The shots he took were late in the shot clock when his ability to take his man off the dribble becomes a key asset--one that is especially important to have in March, when the games tend to slow down and defenses get better the deeper you go into the tournament.

Future UK QB Towles will team with former UK QB Jared Lorezen in charity pizza-eating contest Sunday // vaughtsviews

Former Kentucky quarterback Jared Lorenzen and future UK quarterback Patrick Towles are going to be teammates — in a pizza eating contest.

The Last Great Game -

The book offers a strong reminder that the game was great throughout, not just for its finish. There were nine lead changes or ties during the last five minutes of regulation and Kentucky led four times in overtime. Laettner, in the opinion of some, should not have even been in the game to win it. Earlier, he stepped on a Kentucky player and drew a technical foul. Says Elmore: "My honest opinion of Christian Laettner? I thought he was kind of smarmy in some ways."

Just a little teaser for you.

SEC Hoops Power Poll Results: 1/15-1/21 // Garnet And Black Attack

SLAM ONLINE // Duke Spends Most Money on Basketball in D1

The top five in expenses are Duke, Louisville, Kentucky, Marquette and Arkansas.

Kentucky, Anthony Davis could shatter blocks records –

If the Wildcats, who block 15.6% of opponents shots, keep this up, they'll likely break the NCAA team record of 315 in one season. Connecticut, which won the 2004 national title, set that record.

BBL: Top four SEC women teams square off tonight // John Clay's Sidelines

The process for Alabama hoops: Anthony Grant takes a page out of Nick Saban's playbook //

Alabama spent $6.85 million in total men's basketball operating expenses in 2010-11, according to the university's latest NCAA financial report. That's up 28 percent from Mark Gottfried's final season but ranks seventh in the SEC.

Rick Bozich // Hold your nose, read this book on Duke vs. Kentucky basketball | The Courier-Journal |

"I understand all of the reasons that Big Blue Nation curls into the fetal position whenever anybody mentions that game or Christian Laettner’s shot," Wojciechowski said. "I get that. I’m sure I could have sold a lot more books if Christian Laettner’s picture wasn’t on the cover. I’ve heard people say they’d rather vomit than read about that game."

I don't get that. I'm as invested in that game as the next UK fan. I spend hours a day on UK-related stuff. I watched the 1992 game, listened to Cawood afterwards, watched every retrospective, cried a bucket of tears, mourned for over two weeks. In short, there is no experience anyone went through that I did not.

But I made my peace with this game long ago. If you haven't, I think you should, soon, for your own sanity.

Pitino Says Allen Fieldhouse Is Most ‘Overpowering’ //

"I don’t think the [Syacuse home court] Joyce is any more difficult than any other place, to be honest with you," Pitino said. "The only place I’ve found [is Kansas] and that could’ve been I was playing with four walk-ons and lost by 50 points, so maybe that was the reason I felt that way."

Good reason.

A'dia Mathies shooting more, and that makes her coach happy // Kentucky Wildcats

Kentucky Sports Radio // Julius Randle Likes UK

Good. C'mon down!

Rob Lowe Reports Peyton Manning To Retire, Internet Happy For Distraction - From Our Editors //

Heh. Weird.