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Big Blue Nation Linkapalooza: About Last Night Edition

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The Arkansas Razorbacks got to watch Anthony Davis do this over, and over, and over last night.
The Arkansas Razorbacks got to watch Anthony Davis do this over, and over, and over last night.

I think we can safely say that the Kentucky Wildcats had a pretty good game last night, despite some 3-point shooting woes and generally doing only an adequate job of putting the ball in the basket outside of ten feet. The good news is, most of Kentucky's shots were considerably closer than that, and they made a very good percentage of those.

Most of us are wondering if this is the moment when Marquis Teague "gets it." Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist got it a long time ago.

Now, for the news:

Not Ready for Super Tuesday: Kentucky Wildcats 86, Arkansas Razorbacks 63 // Arkansas Expats

Notebook: Davis' block numbers are incomparable at UK //

Not that Jay Bilas needed a record to confirm it, but on the night Anthony Davis broke Kentucky’s single-season record for blocks, the ESPN analyst tweeted that Davis is the best shot blocker in the country.

"And, it is not close," Bilas said. "He covers up the rim from ten feet in. Tremendous."


SEC Morning Five: 01.18.12 Edition // Rush The Court

Kentucky has been called for 39 charging calls this season while only drawing nine charges on the defensive end. In fact, UK point guard Marquis Teague was called for charging three times by himself in the Tennessee game on Saturday. Wildcats coach John Calipari seems to have an answer. "Either these guys — when we leave our feet — are unbelievably quick to get into position," Calipari said of the number of charges against Kentucky "Or some of them should be blocks." Ding. Ding. Ding. I happen to agree with what some have already written on the matter, and the matter is not unique to Kentucky. The charge circle has made the call more difficult for referees. Officials seem to focus on whether or not the collision took place within the circle, and not whether or not the collision was a charge or block.

I think this is becoming the consensus.

Liggins to ZagsBlog: Cats could win it all

Former Kentucky standout and Orlando Magic rookie DeAndre Liggins believes his alma mater is better this year than it was a year ago when it reached the Final Four with himself and fellow rookie Josh "Jorts" Harrellson of the Knicks.

Preach, Brother Liggins.

No. 2 Kentucky waltzes past Arkansas //

"I know they're definitely thinking about it when they come in the hole and they've got to shoot the ball," said Davis, who had 14 rebounds. "It's definitely in their mind — where's Anthony Davis?"

Heh. Yes, AD, I strongly suspect that's exactly what they are thinking.

West Kentucky Star - News

University of Louisville junior forward Rakeem Buckles suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in his left knee during the Cardinals’ game at Marquette on Monday and will miss the remainder of season and all of next season with his second career knee injury. He tore the ACL in his right knee last season.

Man, that's just sad. I feel really bad for the young man. I even feel bad for the Cardinals, they are truly snakebitten this year.

Ira Combs' Weekly Column

Two road wars have been won to date but I'm afraid the most difficult road battles are waiting in Starkville, Nashville, and Gainesville. But make no mistake the other remaining battles on the road besides those three will be every bit as difficult as Auburn and Knoxville was, that's just the way it is when the Blue & White rolls into town across the south.

Nerlens Noel dominates in individual matchup with Mitch McGary at Hoophall Classic //

The highly-anticipated individual matchup between Brewster's Mitch McGary and Tilton's Nerlens Noel, however, was what set this game apart. And inside that matchup, Noel, the No. 3 player in the class of 2013, according to, was the clear winner.

We need Nerlens Noel.

The Duke Conundrum // True Blue Kentucky Forums

Duke is not one of the top programs of all time. Duke does not have a history and tradition of being great. Duke is only great because of Coach K. After Coach K retires it is very likely Duke will return to an average program.

Could we not have said the same thing about Kentucky in 1970, and Adolph Rupp?

Let's be honest -- Kentucky was not a great basketball school before Rupp got here. In fact, Duke can lay claim to two NCAA finals before Krzyzewski got there. They were very successful under Vic Bubuas and Bucky Waters. That success continued under Bill Foster in the 1970's, and when Krzyzewski got there in 1980, the program's success exploded.

So with due respect to the author, I do think Duke will be successful after Krzyzewski leaves. I just wouldn't want to be the guy who tries to fill his shoes.

Mark Story: Dropping in on UK's new rivals //

Conversely, when Kentucky hired a major coach away from Texas A&M — a men's basketball coach named Bill Gillispie in 2009 — that did not exactly make up for losing the Bear.

Heh. Too right.

Mark Story: UK, Tennessee finally on the verge of real rivalry //

The Wildcats have topped the Rocky Toppers this school year in football, women's basketball and men's hoops. This is the first time UK has beaten UT in all three of the most visible sports in the same school year since 1984-85. It is only the third time it has ever done so (1981-82).

Wow. Didn't know that, but it's nice to hear.

2012's First Oversigning Controversy Comes At Alabama, But It Won't Be Last // Team Speed Kills

Interesting. Nice problem to have, but it's still a problem, as they say, especially for the kids involved. Seems the new rule isn't quite as effective as I'd hoped.

Kentucky recruiting update: John Calipari visits, Shabazz Muhammad, Nerlens Noel, other shine at Hoophall Classic //

With John Calipari in attendance, Shabazz Muhammad, recruiting Priority No. 1 for the Kentucky Wildcats showed why he is the top-ranked recruit in the class of 2012.

Kentucky basketball notes: Referee supervisor says defender doesn’t have to be set to draw a charge //

"If you’re in control of the ball, you’re the one responsible for your actions …" the national coordinator said. "Once a guy leaves the floor, the defender can’t move." Adams acknowledged that the calls are subjective.

Okay, then tell your guys to call it that way. We are having people moving after players leave the floor, and getting called for charges.