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O Say, Can You Feel It ?

Can you hear that?  That is a sweet sound of tradition.
Can you hear that? That is a sweet sound of tradition.

Can you remember the who sang the national anthem at the last game you attended in Rupp Arena? I cannot, I confess. More times than not, those moments are spent mingling out in the concourse for various reasons. I'm sure you remember New Year's Eve when the Birds with teeth came to town to face our Kentucky Wildcats.

If you watched the game via broadcast like I did, you may have also missed a completely awesome event before the game. UK's Dr. Everett McCorvey, the Director and Executive Producer of the University of Kentucky Opera Theater, walked onto the court and began a beautiful a capella rendition of the National Anthem. He then directed a sea of blue clad fans to finish the song. I still get chills watching this.

When Glenn asked Kywineman for a game recap he had this to say,

The atmosphere was absolutely charged with anticipation of a great game. The crowd rose to its feet to watch the singing of the national anthem when they found out that they were going to be the singers. It was a very special moment to be part of 24,000+ paying tribute to the great nation that makes all of this possible. I am still getting chills as I type this.

How could anyone in attendance not feel this energy? 24,000 fans clad in blue, paying a sincere tribute for being in the land of the free. It was very moving to watch this clip and I can imagine even more chilling in person. If it affected the players, I cannot say with certainty but I choose to believe it had to. I remember Darius hit his first three within the first minute of the game after UofL's Dieng scored two on a jumper and Kentucky never trailed again. Could this energy felt also provide a possible explanation as to what is occurring around the red team west of Lexington? Yes? Since I didn't witness the energy live, my honest answer to that is just a little bit on the side of inconclusive.

Currently, today, our Wildcats sit at the number 1 spot for NCAA home court winning streaks, only two ahead of the Blue Devils if you are wondering. Kentucky is also known for their great tradition. I want to ask you, members of the BBN, if you think this should become a home game tradition. I think now might be a perfect time to start another great tradition and I won't list them all right now because of my minor superstitious concerns.

I think the sites and sounds of the home game could only be accentuated by allowing this. Do you know how sometimes in a game thread we comment that the Rupp crowd doesn't seem ready? I think those comments might never be made again. We could start each home game with a fan rendition of the National Anthem. Halftime will continue to bring us the bonus "Y" filled with a surprise. And finally, we must continue to cap off the win with the memorable My Old Kentucky Home. The fan experience would start out with a strong feeling of pride to have this opportunity, a fun-filled delicious middle and topped off with the rafters of Rupp Arena once again shedding Happy tears (click it only if you can spare a few tears) to My Old Kentucky Home. I can't think of any better tasting blue experience.

Like I said, I want to ask you how you would feel about it. So, therefore, I will. Do you think a fan a capella version of the National Anthem should become a tradition, or should it be saved for only special games? Just maybe the University will listen if we want it badly enough.

Go Big Blue!!! And yes, I made you a poll.