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Kentucky Football Alumni: Randall Cobb Scores Two Touchdowns In His First NFL Game ... So Far

Great Caesar's ghost, ladies and gentlemen!  Randall Cobb has already scored two touchdowns in his first NFL game -- one on a short slant (see the video about two posts down) and another on a kickoff return for which he tied an NFL record for the longest return.

Folks, can you even imagine if we had this guy back for his senior year?  I shake my head in dismay just thinking about it.  What amazes me is that he plays the game at the professional level exactly like he played it at the college level.  Cobb has an amazing ability to slow the game down, no matter what speed it is played at.

This is one of the most impressive rookie performances for a player like Cobb (i.e. not a Heisman winner) that I can remember, and it reflects tremendous credit on himself and the University of Kentucky.  I cannot tell you how tickled I am to see this.

I can see Randall Cobb turning into a substitute for Chuck Norris hyperbole around here.  "When Randall Cobb does push-ups, they have earthquakes in China."  That sort of thing.

Awesome, baby!!

[UPDATE]  Video after the jump.