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Welcome a2d2 To A Sea Of Blue's Front Page

Those of you who hang out here a lot know a2d2 as one of the better commenters on the blog.  She is also always making great FanPosts, locating superb links and videos for FanShots, and is generally as knowledgeable a Kentucky fan as we have.

We have decided that it's time to bring her up to the front page to help the A Sea of Blue team cover Wildcats football and basketball, and help us provide the high quality and relevant content you have all come to expect from this site.  She has been a member since March of 2009 and has consistently raised her game, and we are thankful to her for being ready, willing and able to help us bring the Wildcats to you.

So please join me in welcoming a2d2 to the front page, and in wishing her continuing success in bringing the fan perspective to A Sea of Blue.