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Kentucky Football: Memories Of Greatness Past

I found this on YouTube today, and it struck me for two reasons:  One, it was a pleasant memory of a simpler time in television when sports newsreels like this tried to recap a game most people couldn't watch.  Two, it is a memory of the absolute golden era of Kentucky football, when it was a major player in the SEC every year.

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This video also reminds us of the fork in the road Kentucky came to back in the 1950's.  Famously, we chose the path of basketball over football, but this video is a great reminder of just how different Kentucky was in those days when it came to the pigskin.

I'll give you three guesses who was the coach of the Wildcats during this season, and the first two don't count.  This was perhaps the greatest Kentucky football victory, on a national scale, in the history of the sport at UK. 

Even though the Oklahoma Sooners lost the Sugar Bowl to Kentucky, there was no BCS in that day, and the final AP and Coach's poll of the year had the Sooners ranked #1, and the outcome of the bowl game didn't matter as far as the Mythical National Championship was concerned.

By the way, who was the only team to beat UK that year?  If you guessed the Tennessee Volunteers, you were right -- 7-0 in the last game of the regular season.