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2011 College Football Rankings: Top 25 Blogpoll Ballot For A Sea Of Blue

Not many changes this week.
Not many changes this week.

Week one is in the books, and the college football season is officially underway.  There is one more game tonight, but I don't think it will impact my ballot since even a dominating win by Miami will not move them into my ballot.

This week saw a couple of remarkable, "instant classic" type games in Baylor-TCU, Auburn-Utah St., not necessarily for the great football but for the spectacular endings.  As is usual in the first games of the season, there was very little revealed about the teams on the ballot, hence, the ballot changed very little.  Georgia dropped, and I hit them a little harder because it was semi-home.  TCU got hit hard because they lost to an unranked team.  Oregon dropped 3 spots losing to LSU, and Boise State got a big bump due to their win at the Georgia dome.  Other than that, most movement was due to other teams droppiong

The ballot follows the jump.


So what would you change? I have until tomorrow evening to finalize the ballot.