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Big Blue Linkapalooza: Big Blue Madness Campout Edition

Today is the first day that people were allowed to get into line for Big Blue Madness tickets that go on sale 3 days from now.  It is a rite of passage, and a badge of honor for UK fans no matter how much the Dirty Birds mock usMatt Norlander has the details:

That's right. These kids (and, let's be honest, there are probably a few middle-aged men peppered in there, too) waited in line in order for a chance to get a spot to wait in another line for three more days. Kentucky basketball fans: you are adorably bonkers. Resist the urge to fast forward, and just let the anticipation build as you wait to see what happens, who's forced to love the pavement, and if there are any legitimate casualties.

The video?  Oh yes:

The rest of the news follows the jump.

  • Harold Combs makes some very good points about the Kentucky program.

    As for the football program not competing in the SEC, it is not because of the effort of the coaching staff or the administration but the lack of population ( recruiting) in the state of Kentucky and the lack of high school participation, not because of popularity, but there is just not enough high school boys to play. We do not live in the other southern states of the SEC, their high school football is to them what high school basketball is to Kentucky and Indiana. See any comparisons with the two aforementioned universities within their football conferences?

  • Ira Combs talks about Florida's team speed, and that for UK fans, "we are what we are."

    For this year anyway , UK football falls in the category of (we are what we are) , let's take the remainder of this season game by game . The Lions or the Kingpins of the SEC are in the first half of this particular schedule and season , hopefully , their will be enough experience gained and healthy players left over for the second half to slay a few of the Lambs of the SEC then hopefully since I'm wishing extra hard it will all add up to six wins at the end of the rainbow .

  • Who should be Texas A&M's cross-division rival?
  • Larry Vaught reports Joker Phillips unsure if TAMU opens up recruiting in Texas for the SEC.
  • UK looking at 2007 as a model to beat LSU, according to the Kentucky Kernel.
    The problem is, that UK team was far better than this one.

  • Mack Perkins goes a little nuts at Nation of Blue.

    This year Calipari will have Miller, Lamb, Jones, Davis, Teague and Gilchrist to go for Calipari's first national title. I am of a firm belief that if Coach Cal doesn't win a national championship with this team, he never will.

    With all due respect to Mack, this is crazy talk.  No other way to put it.

  • Eric Lindsey at writes about Calipari's Get Motivated seminar.

    Calipari and a cast of marquee figures, including former Secretary of State Colin Powell, former First Lady Laura Bush, and Forbes, Inc. President and Chief Executive Officer Steve Forbes, will be featured at the Get Motivated Business Seminar on Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Doors open at 6:45 a.m.

  • Bill Connelly: Week 4 numerical.

    346: Yards generated in 31 carries by Florida's Jeff Demps, Chris Rainey and Mike Gillislee in the Gators' 48-10 romp over suddenly lowly Kentucky. At some point, a go-to receiver will need to emerge -- the Gators have seen nothing of the sort thus far, as Rainey and Demps are actually the only two players with more than seven catches in the first four games -- but if your backs are averaging 11.2 yards per carry, you don't ever need to pass.


  • The Courier-Journal reports that the O-line is "Coming together."

    While most University of Kentucky football fans saw only the scoreboard in the Wildcats' 48-10 loss to Florida last weekend, offensive line coach Mike Summers saw something slightly less depressing. He saw all five linemen working in unison.

    They must have been watching a different game than I was.  What I saw were three quarterback sacks due to a lineman who failed to even attempt to block the man right in front of him.

    I'm just sayin'.

  • MrSEC says no way UK leaves the SEC.

    Thus the emails I’ve gotten today saying things like this: "I heard over the weekend that the ACC is keen on Kentucky and the Cats want out.  Is this going to happen?  What are you hearing?"

    Uh, no.  It’s not going to happen.  Kentucky is a founding member of the nation’s most successful athletic conference.  (Sorry, Pac-12, we don’t count cross-country ballroom dancing as a sport.)  UK is in a league that is incredibly stable, the school makes money hand over fist, and it has a voice equal to all others in the conference.

    We talked about this.  He's right.  No way it will happen.

  • Tubby Smith returns to warm welcome at Georgetown forum -- Lexington Herald-Leader

    "It's so good to be back in an area you have friends and familiar faces," he said.

    The feeling was mutual. The audience came close to filling Georgetown's John L. Hill Chapel. By far the best attendance for any of the interviews, Reed said.

  • The line has formed (unofficially) for UK Madness tickets -- Lexington Herald-Leader

    "Kentucky basketball's always been a family tradition," said John Riley, 36, who arrived with friend Jimmy Turner on Tuesday morning. "We've been camping out since '96."

  • While Pearl lives in luxury, his ex-assistants go through upheaval - NCAA Division I Mens Basketball -

    When an NCAA investigator pulled the picture from a file and laid it in front of Forbes, he couldn't sacrifice himself for the greater good because it wasn't him, his recruit or his home in the picture. It was Pearl, Pearl's recruit and Pearl's home. So Forbes had two options -- one of which was to identify the people in the picture and mention the cookout at Pearl's home. But everybody knows what happens to men who roll on their bosses like that.

    "You do that in this business and you're done," Forbes said. "Blackballed. You're not loyal."

    Sometimes you have to look out for #1.  If you're worried about getting blackballed for telling the truth, you're in the wrong profession.

    I sympathize with the plight of these men and their families.  I would also point out that the wise man doesn't build $200,000 homes on foundations of sand, and every coaching job is a foundation of sand.  Just sayin'.

  • Mike Miller on Rick Pitino's comments about UConn, the ACC.

    "With that being said, how can you want to leave? Why would you want to leave? My biggest mistake I made in my life is when I left Camelot [Kentucky]" to lead the Boston Celtics in 1997. "They’re leaving Camelot. It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of."

    I love hearing Pitino lament leaving Kentucky.  I couldn't get enough of it if he wrote it in his own blood 500 times.

  • Eric Crawford is making a lot of sense here.
  • WKYT reports Josh Clemons will start at LSU.

    "He practiced all day," Phillips said about Clemons after practice Wednesday. "He made it through the practice and he will be ready to go. Tomorrow will be a practice to make sure everyone understands the plan. It won’t be full speed but three-quarter speed. He should make it to the game. He is healthy enough and from what I saw today, he will be the starter."

    Talk about your rude introductions to SEC football.

  • Zagsblog reporting 2013 stud Chris Walker to announce Nov. 15th.

    He has recently visited Florida and Florida State, and will likely hit Kansas for Late Night in the Phog Oct. 14. He also hopes to trip to Ohio State.

  • Matt Jones reports that Anthony Davis is dunking on the fans.
    I guess everybody might as well get used to being on his poster.