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College Football Top 25: Blogpoll Ballot For Week 5

Four weeks gone already?
Four weeks gone already?

Time again for the weekly blogpoll ballot, and this time the LSU Tigers have sold me on the idea they are the best team in college football right now.  All they have done is crushed every opponent set before them, at home, away, ranked, unranked -- it doesn't seem to matter to the Tigers.  They are doing it with defense, and the offense is getting better every week.

The only reason the Oklahoma Sooners and Alabama Crimson Tide are below the Tigers is that they haven't played nearly the comp that LSU has.  Yes, Alabama crushed the Arkansas Razorbacks like a bug this week, but they still have a bit more to prove before I elevate them above LSU.  But next week's showdown with the Florida Gators could change all that.

Follow me past the jump for my ballot.


Some observations:

  • Either Nebraska or Wisconsin are going to make a big jump after this week, since they face off against each other.
  • I don't really know why I left Florida State in.  I may change my mind later.
  • Michigan is really starting to impress me.  San Diego St. is a good team, and they handled them easily.
  • TCU is the Boise St. of the southern half of the top 25.  They might get passed up later.
  • Texas A&M might be a little low.  If they beat Arkansas, they can make a comeback.

All that's missing now are your comments. Fill them in below.