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Florida Gators (15) @Kentucky Wildcats: Open Game Thread

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Here we are in week four of the college football season, and it's the Kentucky Wildcats first foray into SEC league play, at home against the Florida Gators. This is but one of three likely ranked teams Kentucky will be playing in the next three weekends, and the only one that's in the friendly confines of Commonwealth Stadium.

Game particulars are as follows, courtesy of

Florida @ Alabama
Kentucky vs. Florida
Sat., Sept. 24 - 7:00 p.m. ET
Lexington, Ky.
Gameday Information
Commonwealth Stadium
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Radio: UK IMG
Live Audio
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Just about everything that can be said has been said about this game in Ken's pregame. This is definitely a tough spot for Kentucky, and the Gators are favored by almost three touchdowns. It's nothing new for Kentucky to be an underdog in the SEC, but Kentucky has completely failed to fire in all three of its prior games, which make this game look like even more of a mismatch than it normally would be.

It's not really rational to expect a victory, but it is rational to expect good football, and if Kentucky can deliver that, I can live with whatever result. Here's what I'm looking for:

  • An offense that offends. I want to see Kentucky score points.
  • A defense that fills the gaps and makes Florida work for their scores.
  • A ground game of some sort that is better than 35 yards for the game.
  • A positive mentality and playing hard from snap to whistle.
  • Few penalties, particularly on offense.
  • Better special teams play.

I'm an optimist, but I'm not optimistic enough to believe that Kentucky is likely to win. I do believe it is possible for them to win if they actually play the game soundly for the first time this year. Yes, there have been series when UK has played well, but they have been few and far between. It will take many back-to-back for them to have a chance against the Gators.

Go, 'Cats