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Florida Gators (15) @ Kentucky Wildcats: Pre-Game Virtual Tailgate

Time for the Wildcats vs. the Gators virtual tailgate, and welcome to everyone.  We'll keep the introduction kind of small to allow new visitors to see the pregame.  Follow me past the jump for the tailgate fun.

First, grab yourself one of these:


Beer (via Phil_Parker)

Or whatever your favorite beverage of choice is.  Today at the tailgate we'll be serving barbecue ribs.


Yummy! (via avlxyz)

Got some ribs and beer?  Good.  Let's talk a little Wildcat football.

So we've sucked so far this year.  Yeah, I know, I hate it too, and it always stinks to face a team that has a long winning streak against you when the team isn't playing good football, and so far this year, the 'Cats most assuredly have not.

With that said, I think this team has talent.  No, we don't have Florida talent, everyone knows this, but Kentucky has absolutely not played well yet.  Who knows what will happen if they actually do play well.  Perhaps this:


  Gator chokin', baby!  (via chaunceydavis818)

Yeah, not too likely but let's not say never.

Let's face it, Kentucky is due for a win over these guys.  Overdue, in fact, and someday that debt will have to be paid.  It may not be this year, and given what we've seen so far, I doubt that anyone is confident it will be, but a little optimism and hope never hurt anybody.  If you hopes get dashed again, just remember that by now you ought to be used to it, and if not you just haven't lived long enough.  You'll get there.

Just a quick reminder of what we should have, but are missing:

Can't we somehow get him back, just for this one game?  Do you think you'd like our chances better if Randall Cobb were suiting up in Blue and White today instead of green and yellow tomorrow?  I know I would.  Alas, we can't turn back the clock.

So here we are, awaiting the mighty Gators.  Finish off that rib and type something pithy down below.