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Kentucky Football: Joker Phillips After Practice Today

Here is Joker's assessment of practice today, the last full practice before Saturday's game with the Florida Gators, and what's happening with the football team:


There were a few comments worthy of note:

  1. Danny Trevathan now has double-digit tackles in 12 straight games.  I think that's impressive and so does almost everyone else.
  2. Trevathan practiced today and is good to go.  He was a little "banged up" and Phillips says he'll be banged up all year making that many tackles.
  3. Special teams had several problems today.  Phillips didn't elaborate, but it scares me to think that it was either in punter protection or coverage.  Kentucky has to cover and they have to keep Florida off our punter for UK to have any chance to pull the upset.
  4. Phillips refuted the rumor that Kentucky has run on approximately 70% of first downs.  He said they have called for passes 33 times and runs 35, but some of the passes turned into runs.
  5. When asked about the hurry-up offense, he said that is an area that they have executed poorly in practice but well in games.  You just have to shake your head about that.
  6. He wouldn't bite on the suggest that Rick Minter has extra "juice" for this game because Gator's offensive coordinator Charlie Weiss fired him at Notre Dame.
  7. Joker continues to mention Demarco Robinson's name.  I wish he'd show up in a game with something besides a fumble.

That's all for now.