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Open Plea of Concern to Gator HQ

To all Gator coaches, assistants, aids, equipment managers, and other University of Florida parties traveling to Commonwealth Stadium this Saturday:

Please openly accept this correspondence as a heart-felt plea from a troubled Kentucky Wildcats fan. After reading our Managing Editor's Open Letter to Joker Phillips on Sunday, I thought this was a worthwhile action as well.

First off, I would like to express sincere regret for the low point in your last trip to Lexington.  It was a football game.  As you know, a game where the defensive player is challenged to cause a turnover of the ball.  In 2009, it appeared that your QB didn't see our DE coming at him and the subsequent lights-out occurred when his head came into contact with the knee of a Gator.  I think we all have agreed it was a clean hit and in no way intentional.  If I may call to memory, our fans did not rejoice during his la-la-land episode.  Maybe for a few seconds, at the most, but solely as congratulations for our defense.  When we realized that your athlete was hurt, we all held our breaths in silence because we were sincerely worried about him and we cheered for him once he was able to raise his head.  Do not forget, UK was there for him providing medical assessments which included a thorough CAT scan.   He has since been able to take his talents on to the next level with no problems.  I feel there is absolutely no reason to consider vengeance in Lexington for this incident.

Secondly, as a huge UK football supporter I am in dire need of seeing at least a glimpse of some fun amongst the team.  They look to be quite discouraged and disheartened as of late.  I have not witnessed a UK player execute elation by engaging in a choreographed end-zone celebration this season.  This happiness always brings a lot of smiles that spread like a wave coming ashore.  At the time I write this, I would even consider welcoming several fifteen yard penalties for such celebrations because I believe such joys would do a widespread wealth of good. 

Thirdly, I am really concerned about our fan base.  Things have not been fantastic this season and hope has taken a hit.  Many have expressed deep and severe concerns about the current state of our football program and I am worried about their overall health.  They seem to be on the verge of deep depression and their physical health could greatly be compromised as well. Things like this can turn into an epidemic really quickly.   Worrying and sleepless nights can take a toll on one's body, just ask your ol' coach Urban Meyer.  Therefore, considering the well-being of our twelfth man, something must be done now to stop this.

Since each of our schools are co-founding members of the SEC, I think we both would benefit if you were to consider my plea.  If you can think about this by consenting to our occasional merriment and would also consider taking a loss home too, I would be really grateful.  It is something our team will not forget.  I promise you, if Kentucky ever holds a 24 game winning-streak on you, we will return the favor when you need it most. We members of the SEC must take steps to ensure our league remains at the top in the nation.  A leg-up by one within our own league would greatly ensure that we both are dedicated to strengthening that foundation.  I do not need to remind you with all the NCAA conference realignments going on, it is time for us 'old friends' to band together.  We have been together for many decades, and the times spent together have been good.

In closing, if you are able to vaguely understand my current needs, I implore you to at least give this some consideration.  I'm sure you understand this game could be a huge determining factor when it comes to the 'Cats being awarded a post-season game. If you see you can spare a W Saturday (I think you can) you will be rewarded for it. (Read: Everybody win$).  If you can reach your shade of blue within, remember you will also be deterring the slow and agonizing demise of the ever so important twelfth member of the roster.  Please note that I would never ask for anything prohibited, I merely seek an exciting sixty minutes of football, during which both teams stay healthy and one team underachieves by dropping the ball a few too many times. 

Thank you in advance for your understanding and long live the SEC.

With deepest concern,