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Big Blue Nation Virtual Tailgate: Cats vs. Cards Edition

Before you eat a Cardinal, you should pluck him. (via <a href="">Chris Breeze</a>)
Before you eat a Cardinal, you should pluck him. (via Chris Breeze)

Welcome to A Sea of Blue's first virtual tailgate.  C'mon in, grab a virtual beer or whatever your favorite poison is, and join your fellow Wildcats fans prepare for the Louisville Cardinals at the Kentucky Wildcats at 7:00 PM today.

In this thread, you can talk about the 'Cats, the Cards, SEC football, or pretty much whatever the heck you please.  This is the openest of open threads with no subject matter constraints as long as it's somehow sports-related.

As we prepare ourselves for the big game, let us pour out a libation to the Big Least East, as it prepares to disintegrate and join the Southwest Conference as a memory of conferences past.  What does all this mean?  Well, it appears to mean that Superconferences are on their way sooner rather than later.  Just how many, and how "super" won't be known for quite a while, but with the Big 12 11 and the Big East seemingly on life support, we're likely to know a lot more very soon.

Enjoy the tailgate.  Open Game Thread to follow later.