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Just a Little Kentucky Governor's Cup Trivia

How can this win?  The driver can only steer to his right.
How can this win? The driver can only steer to his right.

I know Kentucky Wildcat fans have had September 17th circled on our calendars since we first laid eyes on the schedule. This is one day 'Cat fans await from one fall to the next to discover which team can claim bragging rights as the victorious Division I football team in the Commonwealth. The wait is almost over, so let's engage our memories for a bit.

Everyone knows Kentucky has won the last four in a row, two in Louisville and two at home. I want to take a look at how much you remember about the rivalry game itself. Just for this exercise I will only use the last two seasons, 2009 and 2010. No need to overtax our brains, yours or mine. This is supposed to be fun.

Here is how this will go. I have twelve trivia questions about the games and you can share what you believe the answer to be. Pretty simple, I think. This sounds like fun, doesn't it? Try to see how many you remember without looking them up. You may now open your packet.

  1. 2010 was the inaugural season for the Howard Schnellenberger Award given to the MVP of the game. Who won this award? Derrick Locke
  2. What is the trophy and where is it made? A Louisville Slugger bat. Derrick's was blue. If a Card wins, it will be red.
  3. How many touchdowns did he score in this game? Two
  4. In the postmortem for the 2010 game, did Glenn award a game ball? No
  5. From the point both teams had scored, how close did Louisville get to a tie score, in points? Seven
  6. Was the 2010 game a day or night game? Night
  7. In the 2009 game, what one thing in particular extremely upset us and Coach Brooks at the half? Clock operator
  8. Who blocked Burke's 2009 deep pass at the end of the 4th quarter, quite possibly saving the game? Sam Maxwell
  9. In 2009 there was one particular play we questioned as missing-in-action. What was it? Wildcat
  10. From the time both teams had scored what was the narrowest point margin for either team in the 2009 game? Two
  11. Did Glenn award a game ball for 2009? No
  12. Was the 2009 a day or night game? Day

That wasn't so bad, was it? You can try to guess all or just one or two. I have no rules or scoring for these. Just try to have fun with them. As a bonus we have a special question attached. Saturday evening is almost here. Go 'Cats!