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Kentucky Football: Raymond Sanders Out For 2-3 Weeks

Kyle Tucker at the Courier-Journal is reporting that Raymond Sanders will have has had arthroscopic knee surgery and be out of action for 2-3 weeks:

"I think it happened on that kickoff when he fumbled the ball against Central Michigan," said Sanders’ father, also named Raymond. "But he stayed out there, and he tried to practice this week. On Wednesday he tried to cut, and it kind of gave out on him."

Note also that this is not the knee he injured back in the spring, but the other one.

Obviously, this isn't good news for Kentucky, as we have all seen what Sanders can do when he is healthy, particularly last year.  The good news is, he isn't the only Kentucky running back with experience, as CoShik Williams and Jonathan George both have seen a bit of time in the backfield.

It will, however, mean that our most experienced and arguably most talented back will not be available for some time.  That will create an opportunity for Josh Clemons, Williams and George to get major carries, and possibly will also mean burning the redshirt of freshman stud Marcus Caffey if the other guys are not effective.  Caffey held offers from the likes of South Carolina, Arkansas, Ole Miss and West Virginia, and originally committed to Purdue before changing his mind and coming to UK.

So all is not lost by any means, and even though Sanders is by far our most experienced back, Kentucky has the luxury of being reasonably deep, if inexperienced, at that spot.  After seeing what Clemons can do, with Sanders down, he'll just have to do more of it.