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Conference Realignment: It's (Kind Of) Official -- Texas A&M Is An SEC School

From the SB Nation mothership, word has come down that Texas A&M is now officially accepted into the SEC.

And with that, weeks of wrangling and rumors have been put to bed: Texas A&M will become the 13th member of the SEC. The Aggies and SEC have engaged in what began to resemble an odd conference mating ritual, beginning with Texas A&M's decision to notify the Big 12 of its decision to leave. What followed came straight out of a soap opera, with lawsuits threatened, jilted lovers left heartbroken and, finally, a resolution.

Team Speed Kills has this:

This statement from Slive makes it actually sound like the conference is enthusiastic and has some kind of sense of urgency in the matter. If you're curious as to what a 13-team SEC football schedule might look like, we covered that back in August. It's not pretty.

Well, nobody said this would be a seamless transition.  Also, Slive said the SEC is not looking for a 14th member.

Yeah, I'm sure that's right.  Not.