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Rivalry Week: Joker Phillips Press Conference

Today, Joker Phillips had the first of his annual Rivalry Week press conferences.


  • Don't have to say much about the rivalry.
  • Morgan Newton "Faster than he looks."
  • Have to run Newton more, especially from the shotgun.
  • Louisville will "stack the box and dare you to throw."
  • Have to recognize blitzes.
  • Newton has had 9 or 10 drops.
  • Had to use tight ends in protection a lot.
  • Newton runs better than the tight ends, and needs to check down after a couple of reads and run the football.
  • About Josh Clemons -- Backs are "born" a great back.  You don't teach it.
  • "There will be a lot of swings in momentum in a game like this."
  • Was not surprised about anything Randall Cobb did except bring it out 8 yards deep.

There will be lots of these this week, no doubt.