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Big Blue Nation Linkapalooza: Calipari Stone Age Edition

It seems that John Calipari doesn't own a computer, and doesn't do a lot of his own tweets.  It can be difficult to imagine, especially for a heavy computer user like me, that one could exist in the modern world without one.  With that said, all I have to do is look around to a few of my friends who rarely, if ever, use a computer.

I rather imagine the number of people who reject technology or fail to use it these days is pretty small, and getting smaller as the older generations are replaced by those who have always had a computer at hand.  Calipari is a couple of years younger than me, but in his profession, it really isn't all that surprising that he doesn't use a computer much, so not having one at all wouldn't be much of a loss.  Besides, he has plenty of technically competent people at his beck and call, so a personal computer might only amount to a paperweight for him.

Anyway, I can imagine that Jim Tressel might wish he had neglected to own or use a computer, especially email.

Now, for today's links:

  • Calipari’s Comment: Dig Or Not?

    If you listen to the rest of the audio, however, in the full context it sounds like Calipari is referring to a larger problem in the profession — wouldn’t it be a safe assumption that if the world knows about Krzyzewski’s possible mistake that John Calipari knows other coaches who have done the same thing but haven’t been fired for it? — as opposed to intentionally getting in a dig against one guy. At worst, if it’s a dig, it’s an unintentional one.

    I think RTC gets this right, and Matt Norlander gets it wrong.  In defense of Matt, it's never a bad idea, from a traffic perspective, to poke the Big Blue Nation with a stick.

  • La'Rod King comes to camp the right way.

    The offense faces the biggest questions — questions the team will try to answer during camp. Newton, who has nine starts in his career, won’t have the established weapons enjoyed by Mike Hartline, last year’s starting QB. Gone are tailback Derrick Locke and wide receivers Randall Cobb and Chris Matthews.

    Football season is here, ladies and gentlemen.  Who will step up?