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Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Who Is Generating The Buzz?

The CBS Eye on College Basketball has the answer to the question, "Which college team is creating the most buzz right now?"  Consider the screen shot below:


I am assuming (absent being able to see the back end) that this blog sorts its tags by usage, the most heavily used tags being listed first. It certainly seems to look that way on a first casual glance.  Scrolling down gives us further indication that this is indeed the sorting method.

Notice that Kentucky is getting more "tagged" posts than anyone else, including Duke, North Carolina, Tennessee, Louisville and UConn, who are otherwise getting the most.

What does this mean?  Well, not a heck of a lot except that Kentucky seems to be the program generating the most conversation on Eye On College Basketball, and I have no doubt that is precisely the effect that John Calipari would like to see there.  No such thing as bad publicity, or getting talked about more than anyone else.

[UPDATE]  Matt Norlander of Eye On College Basketball just DM'd me and said UConn was really the topic of more articles due to winning the NCAA Tournament championship, but sloppy and inconsistent tagging resulted in the results you see above.