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Big Blue Nation Linkapalooza: SEC Update Edition

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The Fake Gimel Martinez (I'm sure you remember him) is doing work for Rush the Court now, and he had this SEC conference preview yesterday for basketball.  It's good stuff, as you would expect. 

I do take issue with him picking Vanderbilt to win the conference, though.  What's up with that?  Yeah, Vandy is going to be good, but they are going to win over UK next year?  Seriously?  Of course, he could be right.  But ... I'm not buying.

In other news, Matt Norlander of CBS claimed Calipari took a shot at Mike Krzyzewski, which Calipari promptly denied on Twitter.  I ask you, UK fans, brothers and sisters all, would Calipari do that?  Being a homer, I take him at his word, even while secretly enjoying the entire affair.

Rick Pitino says he is fine with UK's former players and the Calipari-coached Dominican Republic team facing off in the Bird House.  Nation of Blue isn't buying.  Neither is Larry Vaught, or Matt Norlander.  Or me.  Or probably you.  The Card Chronicle has projected the appearance of benign indifference that Pitino tried, and failed, to display the other day.

By the by, yours truly has tickets.  Of course, I come back from Las Vegas two hours before game time.  Please, God and Delta, no delays ...

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