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Langston Newton Commits to UK

This morning Langston Newton, a 2012 Defensive End from Carmel, Indiana verbally committed to Joker Phillips and the Cats.  The get is significant because he is a three star prospect, an accomplished pass rusher and known to be a high character guy.  Of course, Langston is also the brother of UK Quarterback Morgan Newton.  Most will look at his commitment with a shrug, assuming that he wanted to play with his brother.  I am not usually a big recruiting guy, too many people do it too well for me to add much.  But, I think there is a good angle here that speaks well of the program.

History is replete with siblings who made different college choices.  A recent example?  UK basketball's Joe and Jordan Crawford.  As Joe completed his eligibility at UK, the media often played the angle of how close he and Ramel Bradley had become with Coach Gillispie.  Yet, merely months later, Joe's brother Jordan was deciding where he would continue his basketball career after deciding to transfer from Indiana.  The fact that he didn't come to UK said a lot about either the state of the program or the overstatement of the lovefest between Joe and Billy G.

So, today, Cats fans should feel the love. Had Newton chosen Indiana or Purdue today, I think we'd all be asking some questions.  Instead, I'll ask, can September 1 get here already?