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NCAA Rules: Eight Miami Players Suspended In The Nevin Shapiro Affair

The NCAA has just issued a release concerning some of the Miami Hurricanes players implicated in the Nevin Shapiro affair, which has galvanized college football over the last few weeks.  The players and number of games they are suspended are as follows:

Player Pos. Game(s)
Olivier Vernon DE 6
Aravious Armstrong S 4
Dyron Dye TE 4
Travis Benjamin WR 1
Marcus Forston DL 1
Jacory Harris QB 1
Adewale Ojomo DL 1
Sean Ryan Spence LB 1

From the release:

Of the eight football student-athletes, three received substantial benefits as prospective student-athletes from Shapiro and athletics personnel to entice them to enroll at the university, which are considered some of the most serious recruiting violations within the NCAA.

On it's face, this doesn't appear all that bad to me.  I would expect Miami fans to be pretty relieved, but there will be more to come, probably much more in the form of sanctions..  But this seems to clear up the current team situation from their standpoint.

What do you think?  Is this pretty much as expected, to light, to heavy?