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2011 College Football Rankings: Top 25 Blogpoll Ballot For A Sea Of Blue

The preseason Blogpoll ballot for A Sea of Blue.
The preseason Blogpoll ballot for A Sea of Blue.

So here we go with the first official Blogpoll ballot of the season.  This year, I intend to be much more dutiful in voting in the Blogpoll and the SEC Power Poll than I have in recent years, although I cannot promise accuracy or insight, at least until the season begins.  Then, I plan to be exactly right every single week.  That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.  As proof, I offer the fact that the Kentucky Wildcats appear nowhere in this edition of the ballot.

Of course, a fair number of Kentucky's future competition does appear in this week's ballot, most notably no less than eight SEC teams, five of which are on Kentucky's schedule for 2011.  Even though UK has a notably weak out-of-conference slate, they have a strong but not overwhelming conference schedule.  UK picked a bad year to replace Auburn with LSU, as getting the Tigers at home this year like we did last year would be an opportunity.  Instead, having to travel to the domain of the Bayou Bengals looks ... unfortunate.

But all that is for another post.  The ballot follows the jump.

As usual, feel free to critique this ballot and try to persuade me against any insanity that may appear there.