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Big Blue Nation Linkapalooza: Shabazz Muhammad Edition

Lots of Shabazz going around today.  Chip Miller of The UK Nation tells us that UK is Muhammad's only official visit currently scheduled.  He'll probably schedule others, but only Big Blue Madness is on his calendar at the moment.

I think that UK has a very good chance with Muhammad, and him alone would put the Wildcats in a very good position for a top recruiting class no matter if Calipari has to go down to the four-star ranks to fill out the rest of the class.  He won't though -- he never does.

Now, for the rest of today's links.

  • John Clay's Big Blue Links.
  • Heh. You gotta laugh at this.
    Pretty good work by Chick-Stratino'sUrDady. The only trouble is, I've never met a Cardinal fan that rational. I must run in the wrong circles.

  • Mike DeCourcy fears the NCAA was not specific enough re: Pearl.

    Perhaps the members of the infractions committee expect no one will want to hire Pearl. And perhaps they’re right. If they’re wrong, though, their indolence on this matter could become problematic.

    I think the way the NCAA handles this through the show-cause process itself, which requires any school hiring Pearl to appear before them.  At that point, they will basically tell the school what is off limits for Pearl to do.

    I'm not concerned.  No program is going to hire him while the order is in effect, even if it make perfect cost-benefit sense.  These presidents still have to answer to the public, and none of them are going to be willing to deal with the PR nightmare a Pearl hire in the next 3 year would engender.