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Bruce Pearl: "Give me credit." For What, Being A Bad Liar?

You know, some people's shamelessness is just so profound, so incredibly mind-blowing, that you just have to shake your head in amazement.  One thing Bruce Pearl has never been accused of is being the shy, retiring type, and he has decided to come out swinging against the NCAA.  Here's his first complaint:

"I believe I should have gotten more credit for coming forward and telling the truth,'' Pearl said. "But the damage that was done was too great.''

Seriously, Bruce?  What the heck is this, romper room?  You lied not once but twice, then tried to convince one of the recruit's' family to join you in the deception to cover up your misdeeds, and then after you get jackpotted on all that, you finally come clean.

Bruce comes in with yet another laugher:

Pearl, along with former associate head coach Tony Jones, was charged with a major violation in the NCAA's Notice of Allegations, released on Feb. 23, after incidental contact (a bump) occurred with a student-athlete on Sept. 14.

The NCAA's Committee on Infractions, however, completely dismissed the charge in its final report.

"The timing of that charge led directly to the termination of my coaching staff,'' Pearl said. "Our chancellor and our athletic director went on record as saying that supposed bump violation was the beginning of the end for me.

The NCAA did the UT chancellor a favor by giving him an excuse to get rid of you before the NCAA had to rule, in which they would have made your continued employment all but impossible.  But our Brucie can't be worried about trivial things like the reputation of the Tennessee athletics department dying a slow death -- it's always been all about him.

Mike Miller of Beyond the Arc sums all this up perfectly:

Forget the NCAA. You know what would’ve helped you survive, Bruce? Not lying. And not lying some more.

Preach, Brother Miller.