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How Worried Are You About Kentucky Wildcats Basketball Recruiting?

At this point last year, Kentucky put the finishing touches on the 2011 #1 national recruiting class by announcing the commitment of Kyle Wiltjer. This year, Kentucky has not one single commitment for 2012, John Calipari is away coaching the Dominican Republic, and no in-home or on-campus visits are scheduled yet.

So are you sweating yet?

Jerry Meyer at offers us lots of reasons to worry, primarily the fact that Kentucky is facing major competition with every significant recruit they are involved with. On the other hand, Meyer reminds everyone that 10 out of 12 Calipari recruits have come in the spring.

Meanwhile, Larry Vaught speaks to ESPN's Paul Biancardi, who says that UK fans should not be concerned about the fact that UK has no 2012 commitments at the moment. Recruiting analyst Dave Telep tells Jody Demling at the Courier Journal: national analyst Dave Telep said he wasn’t ready to predict who the Wildcats would land, but he said the fans could stop fretting.

"They are not going to get shut out," Telep said. "They are playing the percentages. They are involved with so many elite guys, they’ll get a couple of nibbles and then finally hook a couple of guys."

Personally, I am not concerned at all. After seeing what I have seen the last two years and 3 classes, I have what essentially amounts to religious faith in Calipari's ability to land quality players, and when we land them is not nearly as important as who we wind up bringing into the fold. So I'm barely paying attention to the fact that we have no signees at this point.

What about you, ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation? Are you worried?