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Bruce Pearl Expected to Receive "Show Cause" Penalty

ESPN's Andy Katz is reporting that ex-Tennessee Volunteers Head Coach Bruce Pearl will receive a multiple-year "show cause" penalty stemming from his litany of recruiting violations. Former assistant coaches Tony Jones, Steve Forbes and Jason Shay are all expected to receive one-year "show cause" penalties for their involvement.

Per Katz, "the NCAA called to alert the respective parties that the news release would be coming out Wednesday."

The show-cause order is part of NCAA Bylaw 19.02.1, which states the following below. It basically means that Pearl is up a creek and without a paddle when it comes to finding another NCAA job for the foreseeable future.

A show-cause order is one that requires a member institution to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Committee on Infractions (or the Infractions Appeals Committee per Bylaw 19.2) why it should not be subject to a penalty (or additional penalty) for not taking appropriate disciplinary or corrective action against an institutional staff member or representative of the institution’s athletics interests identified by the committee as having been involved in a violation of NCAA regulations that has been found by the committee.

But don't worry, Bruce. Kelvin Sampson is making a pretty nice living as an NBA assistant, where family barbeque invitations and multiple phone calls to prospective players are certainly encouraged, so long as coaches understand tampering and timing. Then again, between Pearl's propensity to skirt the rules and the impending NBA lockout, maybe he can just get a job at Men's Warehouse selling bright orange blazers.