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Big Blue Nation Linkapalooza: And The Beat Goes On...

The "Texas A&M to SEC" meme rolls on. Today, (a Rivals site) put up a front page report that the move is finalized. All that's left is to dot the i's and cross the t's.

Texas has the Longhorn Network. Texas A&M has the SEC. is reporting that the Aggies have cast their lot with the Southeastern Conference.

Unfortunately, the information is behind a pay wall ($), but the subsequent Twitter frenzy indicated skepticism. Matt Hayes of the Sporting News further debunked the report, stating it's "just not true."

While the two sides still could come to an agreement, there are obvious problems—most notably the Texas legislature pressuring the Aggies to preserve longstanding rivalries with Texas and Texas Tech.

A high-ranking SEC source also told SN that if Texas A&M is accepted to the SEC, it likely will include a two-team expansion—leaving the most successful league in college sports with 14 teams. Sixteen teams likely is not an option, and the SEC has yet to identify a 14th team.

And so we continue to wait...

Have a great weekend, everyone.