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Kentucky Basketball: I Am Enes Kanter

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Ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation, I want you to watch this video and enjoy it.  If this doesn't make you proud to be a fan of this magnificent basketball program, I simply don't know what to say.

We barely knew Enes Kanter, but we adopted him and treated him like family.  He never got to suit up in a Kentucky uniform in a college basketball game, but we never forgot about him -- and he is not forgetting about us.

It's difficult to explain the relationship that has developed between Kanter and Kentucky fans.  Here is a guy who never played a minute of Kentucky basketball, but every time we see him run onto the court in the NBA, we are going to think of him as a Kentucky player.  That's no small honor for Kanter, and he seems to totally understand the magnitude of the respect afforded to him by UK and its fans.  It's no small honor for us that he holds us in such high esteem.  Despite his destiny-blasted stay at Kentucky, the love affair between UK and Enes Kanter is likely to endure a long time.

Enes is going to get the last laugh on fate.  Enjoy. (via Larry Vaught)

Enes Kanter exclusive interview (in English) from tamer turkman on Vimeo.