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Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Post-1977 "All Final Four" Team -- Point Guards

Since it's the off season and news about basketball is slowing down, it's always fun to engage in a little fantasy. This fantasy exercise is to pick the "All Final Four Team" since 1978.

Kentucky has been to a total of 14 Final Fours, seven prior to 1978, and seven from 1978 on. I picked 1978 on because those are the teams most people are familiar with. I remember the 1975 Final Four team very well, but no others before that. We will do the pre-1977 All Final Four team later.

How we will do this is to take each starting position from all seven teams, vote on it in a poll, and the top two vote-getters will advance to the All Final Four squad. Once we have the squad picked, we'll break them up into first and second team according to their total number of votes. Note that we will deal with the starting lineups only. I am aware that there are some great role-players and non-starters who gave major minutes, but we'll figure out how to handle that later. These first picks will be from the starters only.

The voting will run for approximately 24 hours (I am not timing this thing with a stopwatch, but I'll try to be close), and any ties will be placed in a run-off. For example, if 2 players wind up tied for second, we'll run just those off to see who wins.

So we'll be starting with the point guards for the final four teams, 1978-2011. Top two vote-getters move on. Justify your vote with a comment if you feel like it.