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The NCAA Re-Defines "Petty" -- Joe Hall to now assist Calipari in coaching the Dominican Republic National Team

How's that for not affiliated?  Jerks!
How's that for not affiliated? Jerks!

John Clay of the Herald-Leader has the story.  As unbelievable as it may be. 

I thought coach Hall reflected quite nicely the feelings of most UK fans who are flabbergasted to the point of nausea over the NCAA's decision to not allow Hall and former UK player Sam Bowie to coach the Kentucky Pros as they take on the Dominican Republic National Team in an August 15 exhibition in Rupp Arena.  Ever the voice of logic, Hall told Clay:

"We didn't do anything (Hall & Bowie).  I don't understand how the former players can play in the game, but we can't coach.  That makes no sense to me.  I'm no danger to anybody.  I would just be sitting on the bench.  We're not doing any real coaching.

"It's been very confusing.  Very confusing."   

John Calipari, though, stepped up and offered Hall the opportunity to assist the UK head coach in his coaching duties with the Dominican Republic team.  How that's allowed, yet Hall and Bowie can't coach the Kentucky squad, is well beyond my means of comprehension, but I'm certainly happy coach Hall will now be able to participate in the event.

No word on whether Bowie will be allowed in the building.

The NCAA, with each passing ruling, is quickly losing credibility, and worse, becoming a laughingstock (in some circles that evolution took place long ago).  As long as Chairman of the Infractions Committee Dennis Thomas' import to the "organization" rises above that of a part-time assistant window washer, and as long as they continue to persecute Kentucky and John Calipari, and as long as they continue to fumble away opportunities to do the right thing (see Cam Newton, Ohio State, and Washington's Raphael Chillious), then their precipitous drop off the radar of reason will further accelerate the calls for disbanding the disgraced body, and starting over ... or not.