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Joe Hall & Sam Bowie not allowed to coach in Kentucky Legends vs Dominican Republic National Team Exhibition

Rupp will be rockin' on August 15, but who will be coachin'?
Rupp will be rockin' on August 15, but who will be coachin'?

DeWayne Peevy, who is an associate athletic director at UK, and is independently serving as spokesman for ProCamps, has confirmed that neither Joe B. Hall nor Sam Bowie will be allowed to coach the August 15 match-up between a group of former UK players, known as the Kentucky Legends, and the Dominican Republic National Team.

The University of Kentucky can have nothing whatsoever to do with the exhibition, although neither Bowie nor Hall have any official connection with UK, other than being considered boosters.  Strange?  

So strange in fact, that the NCAA is not allowing the team made up of former UK players to be called, "Kentucky Legends."  Perhaps the NCAA would rather the name of the team be Bluegrass Legends.  That would be much less of a recruiting advantage for John Calipari and his under-performing staff.  Quoting the timeless John Lennon, "Strange days, indeed."

Since the NCAA isn't playing well with others, I've put together a ...

... list of candidates to coach the teams, and remember, the coaches can have no official/unofficial connection to UK: Larry Brown (NBA coaching legend, although his long-time friendship with John Calipari may preclude his candidacy), LeBron James (his short-time friendship with Cal may preclude his candidacy), Happy Osborne (Georgetown College head coach), Greg Mason (head coach at Centre College), Kelly Wells (former Mason County head man and current University of Pikeville head coach), Chris Renner (Ballard HS head coach), Bobby Keith (former Clay County head coach), Bill Mike Runyon (former Paintsville HS head coach), Jason Booher (Covington Holmes head coach, and former coach at Shelby Valley), Kerry Stovall (head coach at Christian County), and Bruce Pearl (c'mon, throw the old boy a bone).

Who you got? 

UPDATE: There seems to be a ever growing groundswell of Big Blue support for Joe B. Hall after the NCAA denied him a chance to coach one more game.  Chris Diggs, Courier-Journal UK blogger, has this visual image sent to him by our good friend, Fake Gimel Martinez.  In addition, the Big O, Oscar Combs has issued this tweet, laying down the gauntlet at the feet of the NCAA.