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Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Joe B. Hall And Sam Bowie To Coach UK Professionals

John Calipari posted on his facebook page last night that former Kentucky Wildcats coach Joe B. Hall, as widely anticipated, would be the coach of the Kentucky professionals team that will be facing off against the Dominican Republic team coached by Calipari.  Former Wildcat legend Sam Bowie will serve as Hall's assistant.

According to KSR (per a Calipari tweet), these are the players from the NBA who will be participating in the game:

Eric Bledsoe, Los Angeles Clippers
Keith Bogans, Chicago Bulls
DeMarcus Cousins, Sacramento Kings
Jodie Meeks, Philadelphia 76ers
Nazr Mohammed, Oklahoma City Thunder
Tayshaun Prince, Detroit Pistons
Rajon Rondo, Boston Celtics
John Wall, Washington Wizards

A little thin in the front court, if you ask me.  Couldn't they have coaxed Jamal Mashburn out of retirement, or tossed a few bucks Antonie Walker's way?  I'm sure he could use them.  Patrick Patterson?  Well, we can't have everything, I guess.

So I guess the most logical question is, who is your starting five?  List 'em if you've got 'em in the comments.