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Big Blue Nation Linkapalooza: Butch Davis Edition

Tar Heel no more.  Butch Davis has been sent packing.
Tar Heel no more. Butch Davis has been sent packing.

Butch Davis has been fired as head football coach of the North Carolina Tar Heels one year and a few days after the NCAA began investigating his program.  Davis lasted longer than either Jim Tressel at Ohio St. or Bruce Pearl at Tennessee, but met with the same fate, eventually.

Dawg Sports asks, quite reasonably, why now?

One has to wonder what exactly accumulated in the past few days that had not accumulated in the preceding months. It's hard to imagine a worse time to jettison your college football coach, what with fall practice a week away. Really, it's hard to justify the decision unless the UNC board discovered something new and troubling, or had to line up the financing to make a move now. Either way, I imagine UNC fans will view this as the school writing off an entire season. At least that's how I would see it if the same sort of lightning bolt struck out of a clear blue sky in Athens.

Indeed.  Next up:  Chip Kelly of Oregon?

Here's your links:

  • Gregg Doyel calls for Chip Kelly's firing.
    I think I have to agree with him. Substitute "Worldwide Wes" for Willie Lyles, and can you imaging Calipari surviving UK making a $25,000 payment to WWW for useless recruiting info and a blue chip player? Not. Even.

  • UNC makes tough, but right choice by firing Davis.
    There are some questions that are tough for Davis to answer. Ultimately, when a school gets taken down this hard, it has to fire the coach. It may not be fair in that the coach may have very little direct culpability, but when you have a catastrophe like this, you can't expect to keep your job.