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SEC Media Days: Mike Slive Is Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot

The tweets are coming thick and fast from SEC Media Days, and as many predicted, Mike Slive is breaking news with every 15th word.  Some of the things that he has proposed so far to the assembled media masses:

  • Multi-year scholarships.  No more pulling scholarships when players disappoint.
  • Full cost of attendance scholarships (Jim Delany would be proud).
  • Freshman GPA increases in core courses from 2.0 to 2.5 (did I read that right?).
  • The return of partial qualifiers.  Oh, joy.  Houston Nutt must have gotten to him about the oversigning thing after all.
  • A bunch of recruiting changes.  I applaud his desire to change, but nobody Slive's age should use lingo like "Push the reset button."  It just doesn't sound right.
  • Support the NCAA's effort to upgrade enforcement.  He had to say that to keep Dennis Thomas from writing him a five-page single-spaced letter containing many "deeply troubled"s.

This all sounds like lots of fun, and I know we can all hardly wait to see what "He's dead, Jim" Delany will have to say about all this.  This football pre-season is going to be fun.