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Big Blue Nation Linkapalooza: This Is Kentucky Basketball Edition

UKCat88Fan has another video out, and as usual, it is a must see.  Therefore, it is the namesake of this edition of the Linkapalooza.

If you can watch this and not be out of your mind excited for next season to begin, check your pulse, and draw a blood sample to make sure it's still blue.

Now, for the rest of the links:

  • Would Calipari consider the NBA again?
    I think yes. But it would take a special offer.

  • Sports commentary in Chicago.

     And no NCAA we-don’t-pay-players-because-it’s-morally-wrong treatise would be complete without a mention of Kentucky businessman John Calipari.

    J-Cal just got his multiyear salary bumped from $31.6 million to $36.6 million for, uh, winning fewer national championships at Kentucky than fired former coach Tubby Smith did.

    This just goes to show you how facts, absent context, can be abused.