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Breaking News: Jon Hood Torn ACL

This is a Twitter report, but it is from a very reliable source that Jon Hood has torn his ACL.  That is bad news for Kentucky's depth.  Even though Hood did not contribute a lot last year and would need some major improvement this year to play much, it is always bad when a player blows out an ACL.

We'll have the reports as soon as they are available online.  The really screwy thing is I was just working on Jon's player page for the 2011-12 version of Wildcat Tipoff.  Talk about your weird and unpleasant coincidences.  I just hope the damage is limited to his ACL and he doesn't have much cartilage or other knee damage.

I'm sure we'll be getting the word soon, and I think Tom Leach is subbing in for Lachlan McLain tonight on WHAS, so this may have already hit the airwaves.  Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to tune in right now, but if someone can confirm this story in the comments, I'd appreciate it.

UPDATE:  Jeff Chao beat me to the punch with a fanshot.  It's confirmed.

UPDATE:  Alan Cutler has a story up.  So does Kentucky Sports Radio.