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NCAA Rules: Salinas Reportedly Offered To Steer Players To Coaches For Investment

The Houston Chronicle is reporting that an anonymous "former NCAA basketball coach" is alleging that David Salinas approached him with an offer to steer recruits his way in return for financial investment with him:

A former NCAA basketball coach said he was approached by local AAU coach and investment adviser David Salinas for "a significant sum of money" to invest in exchange for steering players from his AAU program.

"He hinted he could steer players my way," the coach told the Chronicle on Monday. "I never got involved with him, period."

This would apparently confirm the worst fears of NCAA officials.  A number of NCAA coaches reportedly had significant investments with Salinas, who was found dead yesterday at his home, and suicide has been determined as the cause.

This news is troubling on many levels, and is sure to provoke an NCAA reaction, perhaps even legislation prohibiting financial involvement with anyone involved with the operation of an AAU or summer basketball team, even if the involvement can be said to be for legitimate reasons.  At minimum, some fairly big-name coaches are likely to have to answer a few questions about their involvement with Salinas.