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Kentucky Basketball Recruiting: Devonta Pollard's Mom Needs A Coaching Job

Devonta Pollard is a highly ranked prospect in the class of 2012 that Kentucky is recruiting, but he was involved in an incident on Friday that had to be embarrassing for him.  The video of it got picked up by Yahoo! sports, and is now posted all over the Internet.

Apparently, Pollard's mother pulled him out of a game.  She's not the coach or anything, but somehow she had the chops to pull her own son and actually send in another player as a sub for him.  This happened right in front of some of the nation's top basketball coaches.  I'm not certain if anyone from Kentucky was there, but I wouldn't be surprised.  Here was her explanation:

"He had made two mistakes," Pollard told a Prep Rally source who was sitting courtside. "It's hard to play a whole ball game, so I had to take him out to calm him down."

Wow.  Well, Pollard's mother happens to be Jessie Pollard, a former draft pick of a now-defunct women's professional league.  There's no doubt whatever she knows her basketball, but it can't be good for her son's prospects.  Some coaches will understandably be concerned about a mother that is a little too involved.  We have seen that movie before here at Kentucky.