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Kentucky Basketball Recruiting: UK Fans Showing Archie Goodwin Love

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A couple of days ago, Archie Goodwin, one of Kentucky's prime recruiting targets for 2012, tweeted this:

@A1Laflare10 A majority of my followers are Kentucky fans. Thanks for the love

Having seen so many times how passionate and engaged the Kentucky fan base is when it comes to basketball recruiting, nobody should really be surprised that a high-profile recruit like Goodwin should draw so much attention from the Big Blue Nation.

Goodwin is recovering from a wrist injury he sustained back in June.  Apparently a dislocation, Goodwin's recover was remarkably rapid, and he is going to play in the Peach Jam which starts today in North Augusta, SC and will feature some of the top recruits in the nation, including those drawing Kentucky interest like Goodwin, Brandon Ashley, Ricardo Ledo, DaJuan Coleman, and Anthony Bennett, as well as 2013 target Troy Williams, the son of the famous Boo Williams, whom Calipari is said to be recruiting very hard.

It will be interesting to see how well Goodwin recovers from that injury, and although he is said to be only about 50%, he is aware of his injury and intends to take care in the games.  Goodwin is an extraordinarily athletic player who would be a very good fit for Kentucky.  Here's hoping we see him in Blue and White next year.