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Big Blue Nation Linkapalooza: Rick Pitino Needs Some Cheese With His Whine Edition

Our former coach is displeased with the gods of the Big East for handing him such a tough schedule.  In an era where teams would kill to wind up with so many chances to beat ranked teams, Pitino sees only the negative.

"We have one of the premier commissioners in athletics, but whoever's doing our scheduling must be doing it with a Ouija board," Pitino said in a news release. "How can you play two of the top three (projected) teams in the league twice and have to play another top team that's a rival game (at Cincinnati) on the road for a second straight year? It just doesn't make any sense to me."

Oh, boo hoo.  Play in a rational conference that doesn't have 25 16 teams in it, and you'll know who you play every year.  Will we ever see a Rick Pitino that does not wax so incredibly hyperbolic at every available opportunity?  Well, he did the same thing when he was here, so I guess not.

Now, for today's links: