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Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Terrence Jones To Return

Terrence Jones will be returning to Lexington for his sophomore year.  That's good news for the Wildcats' hopes of winning their eighth national championship, and I think it is the correct decision for Terrence, considering all publicly known factors.

Jones will return to one of the most powerful college basketball teams in recent memory.  Kentucky figures to have no less than four first-rounders next year, and possibly as many as six, depending on player development, which has been nothing less than remarkable under John Calipari.

This is exciting news for Kentucky fans, and I was fairly sure that this was the decision that was most probable for Jones given the totality of the circumstances that had been made public.  I'm sure Terrence is excited to play for the Wildcats again next year, and his experience this year under Coach Cal's system will be invaluable.  Jones is likely to be among the early favorites for player of the year along with Jared Sullinger and Harrison Barnes.