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Kentucky Basketball: How Effective Was The "Calipari Combine?"

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It seems that there is a variety of thinking on this.  Yesterday, Draft Express tweeted that the "combine" put on by Kentucky for their declared draft eligible players did not get a particularly good review from the NBA GM's in attendance, saying it was a long way to travel to watch "layup lines."

ESPN's Andy Katz in his Daily Word, however, spun it somewhat differently,perhaps because he was hearing either more opinions, or perhaps not as many.  To wit:

Kentucky coach John Calipari said his UK pro combine on Monday and Tuesday was a huge success. NBA personnel that attended had mixed reviews, with the main complaint being that they wanted more competition. It's a refrain you hear quite often this time of year, including at the draft combine in Chicago, which takes place later this month and will not include five-on-five situations.

That take differs from the tone of DX's comments, so I'm not quite sure what to believe.  I get that the pros wanted to see the players in more competitive situations than doing drills, and that's understandable -- they want to know who is going to compete, and that just doesn't get shown off in a shoot-around or drills.

All this just highlights the difficulty the NBA will have next year, barring a reversal later this year by the NCAA, when the new rule for early entry withdrawal will effectively remove any chance for the NBA guys to watch the early entry candidates play other than in game situations.  So if the GM's think this is insufficient, all I have to say is, "Wait until next year, boys!"