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Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Is Brandon Knight "50/50" On His Pro Decision?

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Eamonn Brennan had this piece up at ESPN a couple of days ago where Brandon Knight told some school kids at Conkwright Middle school that he was 50/50 about coming back.

Like Eamonn, I think Knight may have been trying not to disappoint his young fans, and I applaud that. While it is certainly possible that Knight may not have made up his mind about moving on to the pros, the fact that Knight is firmly in the top ten in most NBA mock drafts would seem to auger against his return.

The reality is that unlike Harrison Barnes and Jared Sullinger, who will be top 5 picks next year as well as this year, it is possible for Knight's stock to actually decline if he comes back to Kentucky. The biggest reason is that Marquis Teague is going to have the ball a lot next year, and Knight will have it less. The offense probably would not feature him to the extent it did this year in 2011-12, so it's really hard for me to see his draft status improving if he returns.

At this point, I am pretty much prepared to bet the farm that Knight has suited up for the Blue and White for the last time.